Dharmendra inaugurated "Garam Dharam Dhaba Te Theka"

Actor Dharmendra inaugurated "Garam Dharam Dhaba Te Theka". This is the first outlet in the Connaught Place area of Delhi that is based on the themes and songs of him. The entry of it is being filled with posters and songs of the actor. 79 year old actor said that he as not ready for it as he did not even know the ABCD of business. He said All the three Deols to be seen soon together on screen, he cannot do anything apart from acting. He added that he is a son of a farmer and has grown up like this, but the love the he gets is great. He feels that "Garam Dharam Dhaba Te Theka" will surely impress the food lovers. He added that like people love him they will also love this place.