Movie Review: The Wishing Tree – Shabana Azmi

Name of Movie The Wishing Tree
Critics Rating ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Director Manika Sharma
Star cast Shabana Azmi, Makrand Deshpande, Harshpreet Kaur and Amitabh Bachchan (voiceover)
Genre Children Drama
Duration 1 hour 40 minutes
Date Released 9 June 2017
PLOT: - A Centuries-old tree, which is said to possess magical power and grant wishes came to the attention of a group of friends. They come together to save the tree from being cut down for the use of its precious wood. The story of the movie is woven around this noble thought. REVIEW:- ‘The Wishing Tree’ is one of those films which no one would remember at the end of the year. It is not the one which will earn 50-100 crores. But it a  kind of film which will appeal to children and make them happy, along with a strong message of saving Trees. Last week we had ‘Hanuman Da Damdaar’ and ‘Bachee Kachee Sachee’, which was also a children's film. But frankly, this one is the best movie for children right now. There are philosophical and psychological aspects of the movie which children should watch. It’s not only entertainment; children would get to learn many things from this movie. The film is much more than a message about saving trees. It talks about raising environmental awareness and shows how we are all are connected to nature and are dependent on each other. Keeping in mind the genre of the film, the visuals are good. Shabana Azmi looks like a goddess. The characters of the kids in the movie are relevant and interesting. There is also an aspect of yin and yang in the movie. Directing this Manika Sharma has handled it very maturely. Nothing seems bad or irrelevant. The tree’s voice is given by Amitabh Bachchan, he narrates his own story and keeps the viewers updated, and it feels like the film is dragged here. Amit Ji is just here for the sake of being in the movie. It would be OK if any other voiceover would have been used. There’s nothing special in his narration, rather it makes the film a little slow. The animation work is done beautifully and it connects the audience to the fantasy world of ‘The Wishing Tree’. It’s a little emotional also when Shabana Azmi sings ‘Kai Sadion Pehli’, it’s a surreal moment in the movie and picturization of the video is awesome. Obviously, this movie is for children, but it can be watched by anyone, they will not be bored. This movie is truly a Shabana Azmi film, she looks amazing in the movie. WHY TO WATCH: - This movie is a visual treat to the children, they will learn a lot of things from it. The movie holds many strong messages, which they should know. This is a perfect for children, it is entertaining and has good content. You may also like:- Bollywood Movies 2017 Upcoming Movies List Box office collection