Bigg Boss 10 : Shocking! Mona Lisa gets pregnant in the house

Reality Show Bigg Boss 10 is coming in her real phase. On Monday, Mona Lisa and Om Ji were seen enjoying in the pool together. On Tuesday, Mona Lisa kissed Manu Punjabi in front of everybody. But after this what Mona said after that, everybody was shocked after listening it. Kushal Tandon wants to beat Manu Punjabi Actually, On Tuesday, Bigg Boss gave a task to the contestant, in which Om Ji has to play role of a king and other Indiawale had to play his relatives. Celebs were given servants work in the house. Mona got work of Sevika. During this Bigg said to Gaurav Chopra that if Celebs contestants did a serious task and power of the house can be changed. Monalisa has to kiss Manu on his cheeks, this task was also given by Bigg Boss to the celeb contestant. This task was done very cleverly by Mona. Mona was also seen expressing her love to Manu. Seeing this, it seems like reality show is coming on her old path. Who are following Bigg Boss, they known this show has given birth to many love stories. Bigg Boss in Top 10 TRP charts These days, Love Story is getting ready between Manu and Mona, but nobody must have thought that Mona will get pregnant in Bigg Boss House. This has no happened in Bigg Boss House. This Mona said to Om Ji in very loud voice. She said that she is going to be a mother of Manu's baby, well she said all this thing as joke, But it seems like something is cooking between them. You may also like :- Superhit Movies List Videos