Bigg Boss 10 : Mona Lisa has been eliminated

This week Actress Bhojpuri Mona Lisa has been eliminated from the Bigg Boss House. This we are not saying but the Twitter handle of Bigg Boss has claimed this news. It is written in the tweet, 'Confirm, Mona will get eliminated this week.' However, Official statement of Eviction is still not made. Let me tell you, Gaurav Chopra, Mona Lisa and Bani J were nominated for the elimination this week. Manu Punjabi and Mona Lisa closeness in the film were in discussion. During this, she was seen kissing Manu Punjabi on National Tv or sometimes she was seen intimate. By this, her personal life was also affected. Many reports have claimed that Mona and her Boyfriend Vikrant's 8 years old relationship is destroyed due to Manu Punjabi. However, a few days back, Vikrant came to the house and confirmed that he is hurt with Mona but his relations with Mona is still alive. On 40th day, Bani shared a shocking think with Gaurav and Rahul Dev. She said that she saw Monalisa and Manveer getting intimate during late night. Bani saw both of them getting cozy after she switched off the light. Bani felt awkward seeing it and she came out. Ravi Kishan to enter Bigg Boss house to support Monalisa During the show, Mona many times have said brother to Manveer. First Rahul Dev did not believe her, he said that they both are brother sister. On this Gaurav said, 'I have been with them 1.5 days, but they have nothing like Brother and sisters. We have seen Manu and Mona doing romance. After some day it was cleared that Bani only made his story on her own. Manu's girlfriend Priya Saini is not happy with what is going on in the show. She said that she hates Mona and she feels insecure now. She is very desperate. Manveer is uncomfortable between Manu and Mona Mona's boyfriend said that they were going to get married but now I'm confused. I know this all is drama when she will come out of the house, then things will be cleared all. This is not easy for my family. You may also like :- Bollywood Movies 2017 Upcoming movies List Box office collection Superhit Movies List Top 10 Highest Grossing Movies 100 Crore Club