Bahubali Movie 2015 Got Incredible Response From The Fans .

If a film earn 58 crore at the first day of release, it is not very difficult to quantify the passion of fans. The film was to be released on Friday and Thursday night book tickets online are increasing numbers of fans that has crashed website 'Book My Show ". According to reports, the situation remained until 8:30 AM. 90 percent of the tickets for the film were booked in advance. This is the first South Indian film, which is to get the whole country's response. If you buy a movie ticket in Black how much money can spend you? More and more, 500 or 1000 not! Tickets of Bahubali to Rs 10,000 in Andhra Pradesh are sold in black. Hindi film director Milaap Zaveri is mentioned it in a tweet. Hyderabad outside a cinema a kilometer-long line of people caught to buy movie ticket. And it is only a matter of a cinema hall, the scene also found on the outside of the other theaters. Rajmuli's on more film Magdhira's time allegedly killed the life of 7 people. This fear shows in Hyderabad cinema owner are demanding protection of the police for Bahubali . Why do not, when Magdhira time it may be, than Bahubali still is so Bahubali. Against black marketing tickets of Bahubali A PIL has also been filed in the High Court. According to reports, there have been few arrests in the case. Some threaters had raided, where managers and theater owners have been caught red-handed selling tickets in black and enough cash was also recovered. The film has not yet negative review. According to reports, the film has significant craze abroad. That is why Indian films in the US, where usually have one or two premiere shows, for Bahubali 8 shows were maintained some theaters and houses were full . Soon the film will be released in Chinese and japani languages. The film's has already clinched a Guinness record before the release. Bahubali team prepared 51968.32 square feet of film posters and 50687.25 feet broke the record for the largest poster. The film had a record his name, a record of IMDB rating. The film rating website IMDB give 9.4 Rating to the Bahubali. Simultaneously, the film broke the record of Hollywood movie '300' of 7.8 rating.