Aryan Khan and Jhanvi Kapoor may launch in Karan Johar's film

Bollywood these days is waiting for some star kids to enter the film. Jhanvi kapoor, Sara Ali Khan and Aryan khan are the most discussed kids. Now a important news is coming about these stars kids debut films. There is been news from long time that Sridevi's Daughter Jhanvi can be launched in karan Johar's Student Of the Year 2. This was also a news that Sridevi wants to launch her daughter at high level and she wants some bigger banner to launch her. So regarding this, Sridevi many times have met with Karan. Now it seems like Sridevi is getting successful and Jhanvi will be getting a film. According to the sources, there is a new that his launching is going to be done with Shahrukh khan's son Aryan and both of them will be launched by Karan Johar and Aditya Chopra. This is expected because Jhanvi and Aryan's acting preparations and Look test is already started. If to believe a close source, then videos of scene test is going to Karan as well as Aditya Chopra. What will be the film and who will direct it. Now the chances gets increase that any on of them will be directing Aryan and Jhanvi. Karan or Aditya, any one must have done planning of a big budget film. Preprations are going on. Both are making plan with mutual understanding that which film will be best for them, because Shahrukh is very close to Karan and Aditya. It is expected that in 2018, Aryan and Jhanvi's launching can be done. If it happens then, It will be very difficult for Jhanvi to be in Student of the year 2. Shahrukh and Sridevi worked in film 'Army' together.