Angoori Bhabi will become a part of The Kapil Sharma Show

There was a news from a long time that Shilpa Sindhe alias Angoori Bhabi is leaving the show Bhabi ji Ghar par Hai. Now the new reason has arrived according to sources Shilpa has become a part of Kapil Sharma's team and soon She will play a new character in his Show The Kapil Sharma Show. According to media reports, Shilpa will replace Upashna Singh in the show but her character will be different. This is to saying that she can play the role of Kapil's wife. A source has revealed that nowadays Shilpa shows his tantrums at the sets and she is not co-operating with the production team. She is demanding special hair and costumes which the production team couldn't possible provide. Other than this she also demanding to increase her fees. Makers can't be biased for any one because the show is running by four lead characters. In an interview Shilpa said that the production house is making problem for me and they are also making my mind disturb. She also said that the production house warned her that if she work with anyone they will destroy her career. I was with them in problems and I thought they will also help me. I am leaving show because of medical unfit and increasing my fees is my right. The show has completed one year so the fees should also revived. Let me tell you that Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai was started on 2nd March 2015 and Shilpa got recognition from this show.