Aligarh Posters will not appear on the walls : Hansal Mehta

Hansal Mehta directed film Aligarh is based on Gay issues. This film is based on the life of a professor of AMU Dr Shrinivasan Ramchandra Siras. Siras was suspended because of issue of Sexuality. In a promotion, Hansal siad, 'Film will be released in all main centres, the hoarding or poster of the film will be not seen on the walls. I have asked the production company Eros not to use the poster or hoarding and have warned them if they do so, then I will oppose them. I am talking about the change in society. Start of change starts from small things. We are making our walls dirty with the posters. That means we have so civic sense. Basically, the poster are surrounded all over the city and after two days they are seen in tore conditions. I don't like this. Sprite of the film is the story, after the release, all talk about the content. If it is good then audience definitely takes it.