Oops Moment of Bollywood babes : 9 times when Alia Bhatt shows her undergarments

Alia Bhatt

Not one time Alia Bhatt showed her undergarments 9 times and Alia has no clue about what happened.


Alia Bhatt was in an event for promotion a beauty product and Alia wore a very short dress that’s why when stand up she become a victim of Oops moment.


Alia and Varun Dhawan were in an award function. Alia wore a very short dress when She took the position of cross then it becomes oops moment for her.


Again chose the wrong dress and again become the victim of shameless moment.


Now that’s not her fault that was her kurta’s fault which became that much loose so the undergarments of Alia Bhatt itself came outside.


This incident was very popular and it was happened during the promotion of the film Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania. When Varun Dhawan took Alia Bhatt in lap and everything is in front of you.


This was also a oops moment during the promotion of same film. However this time Alia Bhatt got to know about this so she hide it through her hand.


This whole event was full of tragic for Alia Bhatt because after some time her dress had slipped down.


However this was not a huge mistake of Alia Bhatt because it happens with professional models also.


This dress of Alia Bhatt was very short from the backside and again Alia Bhatt doesn’t care that much about her style.

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