Work on the script of "Race 3" started, film will not be made without Saif

With working on the release of Kis Kisko Pyaar Karu this month, Abbas Mustan is also working on the script of next series of "Race". Firstly Race (2008) and then Race 2 (2013) were a hit. Talking about the third film they say that the work on the third film has started. Rather than Saif not being present in the movie, they have confirmed that he will surely be a part of the movie. They said that if there is Race 3, then definitely Saif would be there. Without him the film cannot be made. The shooting will start next year. It will take sometime. By next year the script will get completed and then the other stars would be finalized. Few time back Saif had demanded high fees for the movie because of which there was a conflict. But now the view of Saif Ali Khan has changed after giving three flops. During that time except Race he had planned a movie with Sunil Khetripal, and Abbas Mustan. Now that movie has also been left. Now he will be a part of next series of Race.In regard to the previous conflicts linked with the movie they said they have done four films with Tips. We have good relation. We both wants to make Race 3. After the completion of the script the movie will start. Abbas Mustan is starting three films. One is romantic thriller. After the release of Kis Kisko Pyaar Karu on 24 September they will work on it with new stars. Two other thrillers will be with big stars. The story is ready.