Vivek Oberoi talk about his fight with Salman Khan

This is said y Vivek Oberoi. Everybody knows about the issues between Salman khan and Vivek Oberoi, Today also people don't let Vivek forget that thing, who told media that Salman called him on the photo at night and threatening him. For other, Night gone, Talk gone. But you know about Salman Khan, that he never forget things and never forgives his enemy. When Vivek Oberoi was asked about it during the promotion of Great Grand Masti, then he said it clearly, 'He don't remember old things. I think negativity is not profitable for any one. I have always been a positive man. I have learned from Bollywood in this 14 years that you can go head with you humbleness. On finishing fight with Salman, he said, 'Unfortunately, some people wants to live 13 years back only, when that thing happened. I celebrate my life everyday. I have a lovely family. What I desire, I have more than that.