The Trailer Of 'The Rally' Movie Is Out : Watch It Here Now

Filmmaker Deepak N Anand’s directorial venture ‘The Rally’s trailer is released today and finally reveals the new talent he has found for the movie. As we mentioned before in our article the movie appears to be based on car rallies that place at Hills. It earlier appeared us to be a desi version of ‘Fast and Furious’ but now after watching the trailer, we can assure that it is a relatively new topic that the director has come up with and Bollywood has not witnessed any movie so far on the subject. The male lead of the movie actor Mirza is passionate about Himalayan Rally, it his dream to be a part of one and be a winner of it. We see a lot of zap and zoom of speeding 4x4 cars, in the trailer, on the rough and tough roads of Himalayas. Mirza is passionate about his dream and in order to fulfill it, he pretends to fall in love with a girl Arshin who owns a 4x4 car. But later the girl understands his intentions and parts ways with him. It seems to be an emotional drama with an angle of Rally, which is sure to be liked by Indian audiences. Filmmaker Deepak who last directed the movie in 2002, is all set to make a comeback through a coming of age romantic thriller ‘The Rally’. The movie was extensively shot in Manali and will be releasing in theatres on 25th August 2017.
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