So that's why Doctors suggested Abhishek Bachchan to take rest

Abhishek Bachchan is going to stay away from shooting for sometime. Actor from long time was suffering for back pain. Now this is been heard that, he is suffering from slipped disc. Doctor has suggested him to rest. Source told, Last year, due to Pro Kabaddi, Abhishek had to travel continusly, he was only taking pain killer that time, now when situation got worst, then he got his check up, now he is suffering from slipped dics.' Abhishek was also seen in play school function of her daughter Aaradhya, he was also seen in India-Pakistan match. Source told, 'Due to travelling this pain got increased. Spokesperson told, 'Abhishek has completed the shooting of Housefull 3, so with this problem, no commitments will not be affected.