'Tera Intezaar' Trailer Out: Sunny Leone Is Here But Not What You Looking For

The trailer plays a very important and essential part in the success of a film. It gives viewers a glimpse into the world, a filmmaker has created for the audience. There are two types of trailer, one who manages to grab everyone's attention and the other which gets lost in its own world. The latest trailer of 'Tera Intezaar' falls into the latter category. Sunny Leone's presence will give something for the viewers to cheer about, but the trailer is outright boring and lost. There is nothing that is going to excite audience other than the presence of Sunny Leone. The actress does bring her trademark oomph factor on the screen with some bold scenes, but rest of the trailer fails to do some good. The trailer starts with the story of two people Sunny Leone and Arbaaz Khan. But as the trailer progresses, you start getting confused and lost. People might not get any idea about the film after watching the trailer. It made us think what is the purpose of the movie anyway. Even Sunny Leone looks lost as we are. https://youtu.be/KeeFAj04_9k 'Tera Intezaar' is an upcoming Indian musical romantic drama film directed by Raajeev Walia. The movie features Sunny Leone and Arbaaz Khan in the lead roles. The movie tells the story of two people, who fall in love, lose their interests in the relationship and finds themselves once again. The movie will have lots of twists and turns, but the story seemed outright boring and repetitive. Sunny Leone has been improving with every passing movie as far as her acting is concerned. The trailer of ' Tera Intezaar ' has multiple intimate and bikini scenes to grab the attention of viewers. The movie also has an item song, which has become essential for a Sunny Leone film.
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