Sunny Leone will fight bad with Sonakshi Sinha

Who is the big box office star between Sonakshi Sinha and Sunny Leone? According to figures, Sonakshi is bigger star, but on the internet, Sunny is the biggest star in actress. Now this September both the actress will fight against each other. On 2nd September, Sonakshi Sinha's Akira and Sunny Leone Beimaan Love is going to release. Producer of the film A.R Murugadoss announced the released date of the film few days back, whereas Beimaan Love release date was annouced before. Producer and director Rajiv Chaudhary says that he is not afraid of clash, Sunny has different target audience and she is very popular between them. He said that, if you see track record of Sunny Leone, you will get to know that in starting crowd used to gather to see her. According to Chaudhary, trust is Sonaksh and it's director should be afraid, He said, Sunny leone will be seen in new Avatar, in which she will be seeing fighting for betterment of women. Her hot phase will also be seen. Chaudhary says that, 'This performance of Sunny can be compared with Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor.' Sonakshi was last seen in film 'Tever' with Arjun Kapoor, it was full power pack action film, although it was a flop, but both acting was amazing. Sonakshi upcoming movie apart from 'Akira' are Noor and Force 2. Sunny Leone's last movie was One Night Stand, it was again a flop. People now don't want to see Sonakshi in bold scenes, people have saw that too much, now they are bore, so lets see what change this film has got for her. You May Also Like : Sonakshi Sinha Upcoming Movies  Sunny Leone Upcoming Movies