Shahrukh khan and Kajol's 'Diwale' has already joined the club of 200 crores

People are badly waiting for Shahrukh Khan and Kajol starrer upcoming film 'Dilwale'. This Rohit Shetty film has already join the club of 200 crores before releasing on the screens. Recently, Dilwale now song was released. News is that Shahrukh Khan has done deal with Multi-media screens in 220 crores. Otherside film's satellite rights are sold in 60 crores. Four months before Shahrukh's company started trying for distribution market for 'Dilwale'. Rumors are now that the company is doing Strategic Alliance and is to coordinate with Masti Screens Media". [embed][/embed] According to the source, "MMS has bought the rights of 'Dilwale' in 60 crores. 2-3 more projects are there in this whole deal. This will be almost of 220 crores. Source also said that, "This is the film time that the rights are sold before the release of the film. In this which alliance has joined with Shahrukh's company will together make creative content. Actually this is also a part of that deal. There was a news in April that Rohit Shetty has done deal with Sony music for the film which was of 19 crores.