When Shahid Kapoor defended Alia Bhatt

All the issues with Cersor Board and Udta Punjab is over, Censor board has given A certificate to the film and is releasing on 17th June. This film is based on drug addiction, in which Shahid Kapoor is playing role of a rockstar, whereas Alia Bhatt is playing role of a labour from Bihar and this case is linked with this matter only. Actually, trailer of the film has been released and some are criticizing her for Bihari role. According to them Alia is not seen fit in this role, when Alia was asked about it then Shahid defended her and he answered to the question. Shahid said, 'You should not judge the film by seeing the trailer. We request you that to given your views after seeing the film for 2 hours. You should see how Alia Bhatt did this non glamorous role. She really must have seen something in the character, so that's why she said yes. So after seeing the film, we will see how much justice she did to her character.