See how Ram Gopal Varma celebrated Teacher's Day

On one hand, whole country is celebrating Teachers Day in respect of their teachers, whereas Filmmaker Ramgopal Varma is celebrating this day as Unhappy Teachers Day. See, in his each tweet, what aggression he took out. In one of his tweet Ramu wrote, 'I used to hate my teachers, so that's why used to bunk classes and used to see films, so I became filmmaker. #UnHappyTeacherDay This is not the first time, that Ramgopal Varma is making a controversial tweet. Before this also, he has always had controversial thoughts on social media. In his another tweet he said, 'I became more successful than all my teachers and that proves that I knew much more than all my teachers.' Many other stars remembered their teachers on this day and also told many incidents of their school days. But Ramu did negative comments on twitter. He wrote, 'More than from teachers,I learnt from bullies in class who gave my first insights into rebel psychology which I employed in Shiva,Satya etc'. Ramu was even failed many times in class. He also revealed this on twitter, 'To make a confession,I failed many times cos I was a bad student and all earlier tweets were an attempt at childish revenge on my teachers.' So in his last tweets he wrote, 'My teachers used to make me kneel down,beat me on my knuckles and one of them beat on my head with a duster and ever since I lost my head.' You may also know : Bollywood Movies 2016 Bollywood Movies 2017