Sapna Bhavnani called Salman Khan 'Monkey'

Hair Stylist Sapna Bhavnani always stays in news for her cool statements. This time also she has done something same, because of which she is in headlines and this time she has targeted actor Salman Khan. Sapna talks on lots of issues to a English newspaper, in which she talked about her upcoming book 'Chapter One'. This book is based on memories of Bhavnani. In this talk session, she was talked about Bigg Boss and all the controversies related to Salman Khan. Bhavnani was asked that will she also write about Salman Khan in her book 'Chapter one'', with whom she has very bad equation in the big boss house. On this Sapna said that Salman misuses the people, so that's why she don't give importance to him and specially not in the book. Sapna was asked question about Salman Khan's Rape comment during his film promoting Sultan, on this she said, 'It is very shameful for any Indian man to talk such this at International platform. When such statement comes infront of World, then I feel ashamed calling me Indian. I talk openly on such matters. So, that's why I face so much of Criticism, but because of such trollers of Social media, you should not step back in saying truth. You will get to know, when you will read such comments on twitter. Actually, many people said to me, I was threatened that I should have not talked about it in this way, I can be even killed. And I was shocked that did I heard a rumour? But now speak without fear. I will not give permission to any money that he can scare me. I suffered from gangrape, I know how it feels. I'm alive and you cannot do anything more bad to me. She said about Salman Khan that in this Bigg Boss, Host insults people, As people will see the show and people even worship him, as they could work in films, in which they dance like monkey, so Bigg Boss is worst show. You may also know : Upcoming movies List Box office collection 2016