Sanjay Dutt broke her silence over fights with Salman Khan

It was Sanjay Dutt's Birthday on Friday. Manyata Dutt gave amazing party on this occasion. It was expected that Salman Khan will attend the party, but he did not came. Then issue of conflicts between Salman and Sanjay raised up. Sanjay Dutt had to break his silence over it. Sanjay Dutt told that, all the news which are coming related to Salman and Me are not true. After that Sanjay requested Media not make make this an issue. Sanjay Dutt said, 'Salman is my younger brother, He was my brother and will always be. May god bless him and may all his legal cases gets over, this I wish. But I want to request to Media that don't make this an issue.' Further he said, 'We are very busy, So we don't meet daily. We met in Madrid, but you did not wrote about it, because you only love you write about fights. Does any brother fights with his own brother ? I love him a lot and this is the truth,' Sanjay Dutt said that when I heard that High Court freed Salman Khan in Chinkara case. Did Sanjay called Salman ?On this Sanjay said 'Obviously I talked to him. I always talk to him on phones. If anyone gets relief from court, then I like it. I want that what I suffered, no one else should suffer that.' A biopic is going to be made on Sanjay Dutt's life, Ranbir kapoor will be playing role of Sanjay in this film, Rajkumar Hirani is directing this film. You may Also know : Sanjay Dutt Upcoming Movies Salman Khan Upcoming Movies