So Salman really threatened a Female reporter ?

After the controversy of Raped women statement of Salman khan, Film critic Mayank Shekhar has written a shocking story on his twitter. This incident happened few year ago, which is a part of Shekhar's book 'Name Place Animal Thing. Writer has talked about an incident, which happened with a female journalist. That is also sharing on Social media. It is written in the book, 'I have heard right now that how Salman Khan was forcing to leave a journalist to her house, that time it was a bit evening, she did not wanted any ride, but Salman did not wanted to listen. She agreed and Salman went drop her. He forced her to drop till her building and Salman wanted to know, which floor she stays?' In this it is written that, 'He said with love, Now I know where yu stay, I jus gave you a big interview, Don't publish it.' Shekhar tweet, 'Haha... Absolutely the shortest, even if the timeliest, excerpt from my book ever.'