Salman Khan's fans thrashed Wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt

Everybody in the country was praying from Yogeshwar Dutt, because he was the last hope of Gold Medal of Olympics. But he was out in the opening round. Salman Khan's fan busted on him. Actually, they got change to take revenge of their favourite actor Salman Khan. As soon as Mangolia's wrestler lost, Salman Khan fans started trolling him. Now fans says that his this defeat is because of him only, because when Salman Khan was made Goodwill Brand Ambassador of Rio Olympics then Yogeshwar criticised the decision. As soon as Salman Khan was made Goodwill Brand Ambassador of Olympics in April, then two parts of sports community were made. Where sports player like Sardaar Singh and Mary Kom welcomed this decision, whereas Yogeshwar Dutt was seen opposing this decision openly. Due to this issues were created between Salim Khan and MIlkha Singh, after which Yogeshwar was heard criticising Salman Khan's father Samil Khan, as he insulted The Flying SIkh. Followers of Yogeshwar Dutt started Trolling Salman Khan's fan that Yogeshwar Dutt will prove that he is a real sultan, but it could not happen and this day was proved as Bad Day for Indian sports. Now like this Salman Khan's fans are trolling Yogeshwar Dutt, Some said, Now if you will not respect Salman Khan, then this will happen to you. He must have got to know that Salman Khan is read child of God, who takes fights with Salman, his carrrer falls down. Medals or not we love our athletes.But Yogeshwar Dutt 's comments about Salman were unacceptable,nonsense,pure attention seeking tactics. Yogeshwar Dutt always remember: u fall in the same pit that u dig for others. One wrote, 'Yogeshwar you need to learn from Salman Khan, whom you have hurt a lot. He never replies to his haters n never speaks ill about anyone.' You May also know : Salman Khan upcoming movies Upcoming movies List