Salman Khan- Sridevi is a much bigger star than us

  At the launch of the first look of Mom, Salman Khan sang praises of Sridevi and called her a bigger star than himself, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Akshay Kumar. Sridevi is considered one of Indian cinema's greatest stars and heroines, somebody who made a name for herself in films of varied genres. With experience in not just Hindi films but also Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada films, Sridevi is one of India's most prolific female actors. This was echoed by Salman Khan at the launch of the first look of Sridevi's upcoming film Mom as well. When host Manish Paul called Salman the 'star of the millennium', the Dabbang actor shushed him and began speaking volumes about Sridevi's awesomeness. "Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay (Kumar), we have all done many films. Aamir may have done about 50 films - he has a lot of time, as he does only one film per year; Shah Rukh may have done more than 100 films. Put together, we may have all done about 250-275 films. But there is one legend that is very talented, dedicated, hardworking and professional. She completed 300 films, after starting her career as a child artiste. Our work cannot even be compared to this legend - she is none other than Sridevi!" Salman was quoted as saying by The Asian Age. Sridevi's next film Mom, the first look of which hit the internet today, will feature the actor in a full-fledged role after five years since English Vinglish. Mom reportedly revolves around a mother's difficult relationship with her step-daughter and how the 'mom' fights those who perpetrate terrible injustice towards her girl. About her career, at the event, Sridevi thanked her family, particularly, her mom, "If it was not for the support of my mother, I would not have been able to work in films. And I'm also happy that my children want me to do films, even now. Without them, I would not have lasted in the industry for so long."