Ranveer Singh releaved that he first used condom at the age of 12

If to believe Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh, then he first used the condom at the age of 12. This shocking secret he revealed in an interview to a fashion Magazine. Actually, he was asked that mainstream actors do not want to do condom ad, why did he agree to do it? Ranveer came in news, when he did a ad of well known condom brand. When he was asked, why did he choose only this company, then he said, 'Because when I was of 12 years, I used the condom of this company only.' According to Ranveer, this ad was written by him only. Ranveer also said that, he had sex with lots of girls till the age of 26, and after that his thinking got changed. He realised that it is better to be in relationship with anyone. If to believe Ranveer, Now he is a changed man and has moved ahead.