Vin Diesel made fun of newly elected president of USA, Donald Trump

After seeing the tall and strong stature of Vin Diesel, if you are thinking that he only can do the action then you are wrong. Vin Diesel's sense of humor is very good and he can make fun a lot. Actually, Vin Diesel and Deepika Padukone's film XXX : Return of Xander Cage will release on 20th January and now Donald Trump is going to take the pledge on 28th January. When it was asked to Vin Diesel in a funny way that time he said what is the best thing is happening in America is my film. How Vin has said this it has clear that what Vin think of Trump. However, before Vin, Hollywood actress Maryl Streep also made some comments on Donald Trump. With this, it looks like that many people in Hollywood industry don't like Donald Trump. Vin Diesel entered in India with great welcome Let me tell you that Vin Diesel in Mumbai for the promotions of upcoming movie and it is his first visit to India. For this visit, Vin is very excited. The film is releasing on 14th January and Deepika is playing Serena in the film. Vin Diesel said that he is very happy to be in India and it looks like that a childhood dream come true thanks to Paramount Pictures. XXX : Return of Xander Cage trailer out Vin even told that one day a woman from India came to meet his father and told him that his son will get much popular, that time his father laughed on it and now he is a star in Hollywood. You may also like :- Bollywood Movies 2017 Upcoming movies List Box office collection Superhit Movies List Top 10 Highest Grossing Movies 100 Crore Club