Vikram Bhatt tried to send Meera Chopra to a big producer

KRK always try to attract audience attention towards him by his controversial statement, but this time he has moved a head. KRK has put big allegation on Vikram Bhatt. He has said that he will revealed it with a proof soon. KRK says that Vikram Bhatt tried to send actress Meera Chopra to a famous producer for his work. He even him as Heroine supplier. It is said that Vikram has claimed compensation from KRK in the court. Meera Chopra was seen in Horror film 1920 London. KRK on twitter claimed to so some revealation. He tweets, 'Now i will reveal in the court that how Vikram Bhatt tried to supply Meera Chora to a well known producer by many dirty tricks.' Vikram Bhatt lawyer Rizwan Siddiqui told, 'I had sent a Criminal Notice on Mr. Kamal Rashid Khan for and on behalf of Mr. Vikram Bhatt, and he was required to respond to the same within 7 days. The said 7 days got over yesterday and he does not have any reply or justification for his criminal acts. So it is clear that he has nothing to show or tell.' Rizwan says, 'KRK has rendered himself liable to be tried under various provisions of Indian Penal Code.'