Sunny Deol to release "Mohalla Assi" in combo deal

It has been 3 years since Mohalla Assi has not been released. It has now been leaked on internet also last week. During mixing, post production and editing the team have the copy of the movie. It has been said that the film was released during this time only. Now the news is that the lead actor of the movie Sunny Deol has taken responsibility of the release of the movie. It has been said that Sunny is planing to give the movie to a studio along with "Ghayal Once Again" to release it. He has even talked to some people in this regard. Sunny in this regard has taken inspiration from Nawazuddin Siddiqui's Manjhi: the mountain man. This film was also leaked on internet but still the movie is doing good on box office. Manjhi on Friday collected 1.40 crore, 2 crore on Saturday, 2.30 crore on Sunday, 1.20 crore on Monday, while 1 crore each on Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday. When the movie on first week could not do well they worked on it on the second week. With a budget of total 14 crore the movie has earned 10 crore as of now. The post production work of Sunny Deol's "Ghayal 2" is going on that is said to be released on Diwali. Now he has linked Mohalla Assi with it. Due to conflict between the director Vinay Tiwari and producer the movie was delayed.  Few days back he has even said that the producer of the movie should listen to the director. Mohalla Assi is a movie that has already been promoted in Northern India but the producer feels that there is some mistake of the director as well. Now Sunny has taken the responsibility and now there is a hope that both the director and producer will support him.