South Indian Actress salary is not less than Deepika's and Katrina's

South Actress are even paid good amount. You will be shocked knowing the fees, because they give competition to Bollywood actress in terms of Money. If we talk about top 10 actress then Nayantara comes on first, who charges 2.3 to 3 crores for a film. In 2008, Nayantara, started dating Married Prabhudeva. Prabhudeva gave divorce to his wife lata to carry this relationship forward, but unfortunately the relationship could not move forward, and Nayantara announced in 2012, that it is ended. Bollywood's top 5 Highest Paid actress : Deepika Padukone : After the success of Bajirao Mastani, Deepika entended her fees from 8 crores to 15 crores. Kangana Ranaut : After the success of Tanu Weds Manu Returns, Kangana Ranaut also increased her fees tp 10-12 crores. Kareena Kapoor Khan : Although less films are releasing of Kareena, but her demand is not less, Bebo took 9 crores for Ki and Ka. Priyanka Chopra : Priyanka Chopra also charge 9 crores for each film. Katrina Kaif : Giving Flop films, still she is makers favourite. She charges 7 crores for a film. Here are some South Indian Actress and their Salary : 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10