Sonu Nigam for the first time sang a song of India's first Transgender Band

For the first time in India a Transgender band 'The Six Pack Band' has launch their video song 'Hum Hai Happy'. This song look like American singer Pharrell Williams hit song 'Happy'. Sonu Nigam launched this video, who has also given his voice in the song. This song is launched by Yash Raj youth wing Y Films along with Broke Bond Red Label. Famous singer Sonu Nigam launched this song on Wednesday. Let me tell you, Sonu has given his voice to one song of this band. He told this a good experience. This band has six transgender singer, who are from Indian Eunuch community. They told this elbum has six songs, which will be released one by one. They told, 'We felt good singing this song. We always sing Sonu's song.' Anushka Sharma has also given her voice in the song. The Video will be released in coming months. Y Films head Ashish Patil said, 'After so much of controversies, we dance on a same beat. So, on this religion, Caste, Rich-poor and gender doesn't matter. So I believe music cam only get us together.'