Shivaay is completely different from Amish Tripathi's 'Meluha'

A novel of Amish is based on love story of Shiv and Sati. In this novel, only one leading lady will be seen, but in Shivaay, Ajay Devgn will be seen doing romance with two actresses. In Genre of Ajay Devgn's 'Shivaay' and Amish's 'Meluha', some difference is seen. Shivaay is an action thriller film, whereas Meluha tells about the love story of Shiv and Sati. Novel talks about different Communities and Nations, but nothing like that is seen in Shivaay. In Meluha, you get to know about two sons of Shiv, who are very powerful and are no.1 in Battle skills. But in Shivaay, a small girl is seen with Ajay. She can be his daughter. Many characters in Meluha and Shivaay are seen different. If Shivaay would have been based on this novel, then main characters would have seen in the film. Shivaay trailer and Meluha novel must have seen by many people. In the trailer, Ajay Devgn is seen saving a girl.He is even fighting with Policemen for her. But Meluha, this is not seen. Here Shiv, gives common rights to all small nation in the society. Then they fight a battle and they face such a trust and they get against Meluha. As there are many more stuff, which make it very clear that Shvaay is different fro Meluha. Well let me tell you, Story of Shivaay is of Ajay Devgn. Ajay says that in story of Shivaay, he has done lots of work. You may also know: Shivaay trailer