Shahrukh suggested imtiaz Ali to come out of serious phase

Shahrukh khan and Imtiaz Ali next film is remake of Guide. Anushka Sharma will play role of Vahida Rehman and Imtaiz can keep the name of the film 'Safarnama'. Film Guide will be the story of Shahrukh khan and Anushka Sharma will be her tourist and the name of the story will be Safarnama. Preparation of this film, goes on till nights at SRK's house. Actually, after Tamasha, Imtiaz was confused a lot and now Shahrukh is helping him. Both are talkign on Story of the film, Character and Treatment. Shahrukh Khan has suggested Imtiaz to come out of the serious phase like Tamasha, Rockstar and Highway and think like old romance king. It's of Imtiaz Ali, so romance is mandatory. Now lets see how Imtiaz present this film, his all story has deep love.