Shahrukh Khan reveled about his all time favorite superhero

Bollywood King Khan Shahrukh Khan is always being a fan of superheroes. In an recent function while asking about Shahrukh for his all time favorite superhero and which's comics he read from childhood, in that Shahrukh immediately replied it is Batman. Shahrukh also shared why he likes Batman he said, Batman is a king of darkness and he is very honest and truthful. I have read mostly superheroes comics but Batman is my all time favorite. Shahrukh Khan won global style icon award in the award function for that Shahrukh said I have to waste many time to prepare myself. You should watch myself when I wake up and I have to give lot of time to be stylish. Shahrukh Khan also shared some tips about being stylish to youngsters said, always wear clothes which you feel comfort, which suites to your personality. Don't copy anyone and also not follow the trend. Always wear attitude and find the best perfume.