Shahrukh Khan revealed, whose Idea was film 'Fan'

Shahrukh Khan these days in busy in his upcoming film Fan promotion. Recently he reached a TV show, to promote the film, here he told that Fan would have made 10 years ago only, but there were some reason, that this film was not made. Shahrukh told that, concept of film Fan was of Late filmmaker Yashraj. He told, 'Very less people know that concept of Film Fan was of Yashraj, which he narrated me 10 years ago. I loved this concept. We were about to made the film, but due to some reason this could not happen, now this film is ready, so I am Very happy.' Story of the Fan revolves around a biggest fan. Shahrukh has only played role of Superstar and Fan. Film is directed by Maneesh Sharma. This film is releasing on 15th April.