Shahrukh Khan is not able to talk about sex to his kids

Well, everywhere people are talking about sex openly. Whereas, Shahrukh Khan says that he has hesitation while talking to them about it. This he revealed in an interview given to a magazine. He talks about his bonding with the kids, 'I keep friendly relationship with my kid and this is because I also had same relations with my dad.' Graduation is minimum ability to make debut in Bollywood for my kids says SRK Shahrukh said in an interview, 'Mom gave me classes of sex education, but for me, it is the different thing. Can I talk to my kids? I'm a quite shy kid. So I cannot talk to my kids about the sex. Whenever we see any films together, then I feel that he is more aware than me. I think I can take class from them.' Shahrukh Khan says he will rip the lips who will kiss Suhana On upgrading police of Kids, Shahrukh said, 'I have a simple Philosophy for my kids and fans. Two things, that I never asked. First, what are they doing? Because I know everything will be okay. The second capacity of saying that I don't know. This is enough to answer. Whenever you are asked anything in the school, then you say that you don't know the answer, this is quite insulting. But it is kids right to not know. Even for adults. Myself confidence is very high. If you ask anything then I don't know. Let me tell you Shahrukh Khan is the father of 4 children. Aryan Khan 19 years, Suhana Khan 16 years, then 3 years old Abram, who was born with surrogacy. You may also like :- Bollywood Movies 2017 Upcoming movies List