Shahrukh Khan launched the autobiography of Sania Mirza

Bollywood actor Shahrukh khan launched the autobiography 'Ace Against Odds' of Tennis Player Sania Mirza. During this he denoted Sania as 'Queen Of Rackets'. Till tell about Sania's life important things her achievements. Sania's father Imran told, 'Idea of writing book was of Sania. It took almost 5 years to write the book.' Shahrukh believes that any film on Sania Mirza will be inspiring and he would want to make this film. During the book launch Shahrukh told that whenever film will be made on Sania, I think that will be inspiring and amazing. Shahrukh also said in funny way that, I don't know ask her only, will she allow me play role of her love. But I will make this film. Film based on Indian sports, will soon make it's identity at international level. He said, whenever a film is made on women or men player, then country love in us gets alive, where ever it is made, whenever it is talked about Indian players then I feel proud.