I saw Salman shoots the Chinkara : Missing Driver Harish Dulani

Salman who was freed from the Chinkara case of Jodhpur and now a new turn has came. Witness Harish Dulani who was not seen from 2002, has now come infront, after Salamn Khan was released and is saying that Salman only shot him. Dulani is that driver only, on whose statement case was registered. After not seen from long time, Salman was released. Court many times took out Bailable warrant, but DUlani did not came infront. Now he is saying that he was not lost. Harish Dulani, on whose statement case was registered. Now Salman is released after witness was missing from 2002. According to the advocates of Salman, witness Harish Dulani ha main test in CJM court on January 20 , 2002. Court arguments on behalf of Salman and was called up to 20 March 2002. Dulani came to the court but Salman's advocate could not cross-examine him. After that Dulani was missing. Bailable warrant from the court was summoned twenty times, but neither witness came across nor he was cross-examined. On 4th April, 2005, court stopped the notification of witness Dulani. 4 days before the decision, Dulani reached jodhpur and told media that, he was not lost or nothing happened. During this, Salman Khan's advocates on 7th April 2006, filed an application under CRPC 311 and demanded the chance of cross examination. But Court did not gave any chance and told his decision. Court also said Harish Dulani and Danaraam have false evience, so action should be taken against them. Trial is still going on. Now Harish is coming to court, coming 10th August, his hearing will be done. Let me tell you, on Monday Court freed Salman Khan in 18 years old Chinkara case. You may Also know :  Salman Khan upcoming movies Salman Khan in Tubelight