Sanjay Leela bansali is arranging funds for 'Padmavati' Budget

Whenever Sanjay Leela Bansali makes his film, he never cares about the money and always is in profit but this time Sanjay Leela Bansali has shortage of money to make his most expensive movie ‘Padmavati’. It is said that in Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone and Shahid Kapoor starrer film Padmavati will be made of 170 crores, and for such huge amount, one corporate company is not enough. During this there is a new that Eros who made last two films with Sanjay, this time they have taken their hand back to fund them. Huge Budget of this film and seeing the loss faced by studies, it has created a big fear  hat how will they recover 170 crores from the movie. According to the source, on one hand where Sanjay is busy is muhurat and preparation of first set in Mehboob studio and on other hand he is working hard to gather the money. It is been told that Bansali is talking to Viacom 18 who is a big film corporate along with Eros Films, as he could decide his money with both the companies. If this happens then then it will be the biggest joint project till now. There is excitement about it in trend circle of Bollywood, because it is been believed that seeing the condition of film market, it is not possible for only one corporate company to take such big risk. Shahrukh khan was also expected to be seen in the film. But due to his role, he refused to do this film. You may also know : Bollywood Movies 2017 Deepika padukone upcoming movies