Salman Khan asked to appear in Jodhpur Court regarding Black Buck Killing

Salman Khan has to appear in Jodhpur Court regarding infamous Black buck killing case. Salman Khan is alleged in illegal possession of arms against the actor in connection with black buck poaching. Court has ordered that Salman should appear in court and register his statement. Today Salman has to be present in the court. Salman is on the way from Mumbai to Jodhpur. Salman has to register his statement regarding 1998 Black buck killing. Around 10:30 in morning, he can be in court. Allegation on Salman ? Salman is alleged for killing Black Buck near Jodhpur and also for keeping illegal arms with him. His case has also be registed under Arm act. Allegation is this that on 22 September 1998, his licence validity of arms was expired. Despite this he was keeping the weapon with him till 2nd October and he used it for killing Black Buck. Salman has already given his statement fro 2 time in this case. Salman's lawyer has again demanded the statement of witnessess and court has accepted it. Apart from Salman Khan, Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan, Sonali Bendre, Tabu and Neelam are also accused in this case. This was happen on 1-2 October, 1998. All these actors were in Jodhpur for the shooting of 'Hum Sath Sath Hain'. Jodhpur registered 4 cases against them. Three cases are of killing the black buck adn one is for keeping illegal weapon.