Salman and Shahrukh are being sold in the market

On the occasion of EID even Salman and Shahrukh are being  sold. Actually the owners have named their goats as to them. The reason of keeping the name of goats in the name of Bollywood celebrities is that it will attract the customers towards their goats. The public demand of both the Khans are even seen in the market place. The goats that are health and strong are named as Salman, while the one which is a bit black is named as SRK (Shahrukh Khan). The the capital of Uttar Pradesh,  regions like Alambagh,  Nishant Ganj,  Indira Nagar,  area located on the Jama Masjid road, in the goat market these celebrity goats are in demand. They are sold for 15000 to 1 lakh. Not only the name of Bollywood celebrities are used. The choice of these goat owners are even players. Some have named their goats as Sania, in the name of Tennis star Sania Mirza. One if the old goat owner in the state has a goat of 125 kg.  He has been named as Barfi. It is not related to the movie Barfi,  rather it depicts the sweet barfi. The owners feel that these goats attract the customers and they are given chana,  peas and almonds to eat. More than these celebrity goats, the demand of these goats is high which have any religious mark on their body. In this regard the prize of one goat has been kept 2 lakh. It is because there is a mark of moon and star in its body. Another goat has been prized at 5 lakh as it on its body Allah is written.