Rohit Shetty has started working on Ram Lakhan and Golmaal 4 both films

Rohit Shetty was firstly introduced to Bollywood industry for his Golmaal series which made him a blockbuster director and now there is a good news for Golmaal series fans. In an award ceremony Rohit Shetty said that he is working on the forth part of the film and audience will more entertainment than previous films. Rohit also said he is working on another film also. According to the sources Rohit Shetty is working on two scripts which are Ram Lakhan remake and Golmaal 4 and after six months Rohit will start working on the movies. Now what Rohit has bring in the forth part it will get to know in upcoming days. However Rohit said Ajay Devgan has also believed on the film. Ajay Devgan has believe that the film Golmaal 4 will back with a boom. This is to notice that Rohit is planning Golmaal 4 from many times but it can't become possible because of fight between the producers. Now all the matter has been sought out and Ajay Devgan has helped producers to make the problem solve. Now the fans of the series are eagerly waiting for the movie.