Real life Singham will now appear in films

The strong personality of real life singham inspector Anirudh Singh who has done many criminal encounters will now do films. Anirudh Singh is use to call real life Singham because he has done more than 2 dozens encounter and sent more than 50,000 criminals to prison. Anirudh is getting too much film offers from the Bollywood and south film industry and now he has set his mind to enter in films. Singham 2 Soon Anirudh will appear in Varanasi encounter based film 'Gangs of Banaras' and in one Tamil film 'Doctor Chakravary' also. According to the sources these film will are shooting in Mumbai and Hyderabad currently. singham 3 These days posted in AttarSuiya of Allahabad inspector Anirudh has an aim to serve for country and remove fear from the citizens. Now it has see that real life Singham will make his mark in films or not.