Ranbir does not need anyone's advised : Kareena Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor's career these days seems trapped in a vortex. His last release three films 'Besharam', 'Roy' and 'Bombay Velvet', proved a flop. In fact Ranbir were upset himself last days that what will now happen of their career? So, some people think that Kareena Kapoor Khan should advised their little brother Ranbir on his career. Though Kareena Kapoor do not consider it. Recently Kareena Kapoor gone to promote for his upcoming movie 'Bajrangi Baijan' so a journalist told him that you should give some advice to his brother Ranbir. Kareena said on this, "Ranbir Kapoor does not need anyone's advice." - Karina said that is a common practice movement to come in the career. There are ups and downs comming in everyone's career. So, Ranbir does not need anyone's advice. -