Ram Gopal Varma trapped in controversies over making double meaning comment on Zarine Khan

Ram Gopal Varma this time is in controversy for double meaning comment on Zarine Khan. However, Zarine Khan till now has not shown any problem on his comment, but people have started attacking him on Social Media. It seems like Ramu enjoys creating controversies. That's why one issues is not ended and another gets started. This time he has done a double meaning comment over Zarine Khan on twitter that everyone is shocked. Some people says that with this comment you can guess the mentality of Ramu. Actually, Zarine Khan has done a item song 'Khallas veerappan' for Ram Gopal's film 'Veerappan'. Ram Gopal liked Zarine's work in this song. So he tweets appreciating her that 'What I really love about Zarine is she is truly very large everywhere..especially in her heart and her lovely mind' As soon as he did this double meaning comment, people started commenting on Zarine's size and Ramu's mentality. One person wrote that I love Zarine Khan because she is very large is desired area. This is not the first time that Ramu is in controversies over comments. Before this also he has done such comments.