Ram Gopal Varma compared politician Sasikala with film Godfather's character

Famous filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has announced his new film Sasikala and he did lots of tweets on Thursday night. In the continuous tweets, he wrote Don Sasikala. He even compared Sasikala with the character of Don Vito Corleone. Ram Gopal Varma tweeted that he is shocked with the ups and downs in the relation of Sasikala and Jayalalitha and he will show it in his film also. Ran Gopal Varma's tweets are showing the story of the film Sasikala. He tweeted, Criminals controlling gangs from jail far lesser than Don Sasikala controlling TN ppl through Mannargudi Mafia guy Palanisamy.Jai Tamil Nadu, India. Don Vito Sasikala Corleone of the Manargudi Mafia Family. She doesn't even offer for you to refuse. He further tweeted "Sasikala" is going to be the story of the story behind Sasikala in front of Sasikala and only Manargudi mafia members will understand this, I somehow have this very extremely strong feeling that Jayalalitha's spirit will come into Sasikala's jail cell and the truth behind Jayalalitha and Sasikala relationship, will what Poes garden servants told me is unimaginably shocking and I will show it in my film. Poes garden's gardener told me majority MLAs supporting Palanisamy because they all are handpicked by Sasikala from members of Manargudi mafia. This is to notice that just after sudden death of former CM of Tamilnadu, Jayalalitha, the filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma announced a film on Sasikala to show the friendship of the both but now I think he has got the full story of recent controversies.