Rahman gives clarification on Facebook

A R Rahman on Monday clarified his fatwa in regard to giving music in the movie Muhammad: The Messenger of God.  He said that he has took in emotion, there was no bad intention linked to it. He did want to raise any religious controversies or hurt any one's sentiments. Actually a Sunni committee of Mumbai has ordered Fatwa against Rahman for giving music in the movie and hurting the religious sentiments. Giving music like Vande Mataram, Chiyya Chaiyya and Jai Ho, Rahman wrote a letter on Facebook on Monday. He in this talked to the people who are involved in this matter. He said that he is not a student of Islam. He travels to many countries and respect their religion as it is. He added that he has not done the music composition of the movie  Muhammad: The Messenger of God. He has only given the music and there is no bad intentions linked with it. According to the reports the head of Raza Academy has said that they are against the title of the movie. If the audience does not like the movie it will disrespect its name which is not right.