Producer Vipul Shah told 5 interesting things about 'Force 2'

Producer of John Abraham and Sonakshi Sinha starring film 'Force 2', Vipul Shah told 5 important things about his film. No 1 : This time subject off the film will be shown at an international level. Over an important problem of today's time, a limit of Police Inspector is shown at Larger scale. The film is shot in Hungry, Bangkok, and other countries, way they have shot in Bangkok that it can look like China. No 2: New thing about this film is Sonakshi Sinha's character. Raw agent character in the film is played by Sonakshi Sinha, this role of Sonakshi would have also been done by a male actor, but John, Abhinay, and Vipul decided that seeing the generation, today girls and boys are equal. So including a female, but she was treated like a hero. This is not a love story but is a new relationship.' The reason why John Abraham left Comedy show No 3 : It is claimed that action and stunt scenes in the film are shown in a unique style. The action is completely fresh and is of the new style. Very hard work is done as no action scene should look fake, not like if a hero hits a punch then villain is flying in the air, no cars are even busted in this film. No 4 : A big International crew was linked with this film. With the credit list, you will get to know that 90 % people were hired from Abroad. Sonakshi Sinha has not used body double in Force 2 No 5 : The scene in which John is lifting a vehicle is highlighted. John in the first part lifted a bike and this time he has done a new experiment with a big car. That too in a new style. You may also like :- Bollywood Movies 2017 Upcoming movies List