One of the organizers misbehaved with Raveena Tandon

This Independence Day of Raveena Tandon ended on a bad note. Raveena on this Independence day was in Los Angeles to take part in some event. Raveena even posted a tweet saying that the first two days on Los Angeles were good. The thing is that the celebration ended on a bad note. Everything was going well when suddenly a drunk man went up to the stage. On 16 August she tweeted that Neeraj Agnihotri started misbehaving and giving bad comments. The bad thing is that all the security guards were down at that moment. He could have been removed from the stage. The person was one of the organizers only. He was angry as his children could not come in car with her. It does not happened because of security and protocol. She even said that it is no point talking to the person when I do not what is the problem.This is not a happy moment in the event. She said the one who could not meet you can take the revenge anyway.