Om Puri talks about Shiv Sena with Pakistan media

Now Actor Om Puri has said very strangely on during talking to a Pakistani channel, by which he can face the anger of Shiv Sena. Last evening, actor Om Puri talked to a Pakistani channel, in which he was seen fully supportive over working of Pakistan actors in India. A few days back, questions raised over Gulaam Ali Concert in India, he said, 'With the threat of Shivsena, Sovereignty should not be afraid. There is nothing to get afraid from Shivsen. They are doing protest, so let them do. Neither they have RDX nor AK 47. Then what will theydo to us.' When then Anchor of the show asked him that should Pakistan artists stay there only and should stay there even after getting threat, will they get any support in theirs? He said, 'Mumbai Police has said clearly, those who have VIsa, then they don't need to be afraid. We will give them full support. I ll make you believe that they cannot attack them atall.' During this interview, he also said, 'Islam is getting insulted everywhere. Almost 70% Pakistani's relatives live in this country. We don't let them meet from eachother. I have been to Pakistan for 6 times and I felt really good. I met all kinds of people there. I only got love there. Om Puri made a controversial comment over Indian Army that I did not ask them to join the army. After this statement, he was opposed a lot and yesterday he apologised for this comment. You may also know : Om Puri apologised for his comment Upcoming movies List