Now scissors will not be used on much adult content films

Now the use of scissors on bold scenes in the film is going to get over. Now you will be able to see many bold scenes in the film. Central Board of Film Certification will now not remove any bold scenes. For improving CBFC, the censor board has accepted the recommendations of Producer Shyam Benegal committee and committee appointed by the government. Now a new category A/C is created for the films contain much adult content. Now after this new category, censor board role on the films will get limited. According to the source, now Censor Board will give the certificate to the film without using the scissor. However, for this, some new rules are made. New rules are made by Benegal Committee. On the recommendation of Shyam Benegal committee, a new A/C certificate is made for the films who has much adult content. In this, it is said that certificate will be given to Adults with caution. According to the recommendation of Committee, The Benegal committee has recommended dividing the U and UA Categories to – UA12+ and UA15+ and the A category to be sub-divided into A and AC (adult with caution) categories. Now things are not clear over given the certificate on Tv channels. According to the source. According to the source, Government has to decide on this issue. Well, censor board this time has been criticized for his decision. Film producers protested against the chief of Censor Board Pahalaj Nihalani, after giving 100 cuts to Udta Punjab. Censor Board was criticized a lot. After this, Central government to improve CBFC, they made a committee led by Shyam Benegal. You may also like :- Bollywood Movies 2016 Bollywood Movies 2017