Now Rishi Kapoor made fun of Alia Bhatt.

Now the people on social media has too stopped jokes on Alia Bhatt but now Aliya's co-Star had share a joke been taking them on Twitter. The co-star is Rishi Kapoor who living in statements for his disputes. The film "Kapoor & Sons' working with Alia, Rishi Kapoor share a sage on twitter. And wrote on it, Alia read in newspaper that police caught 80 kilograms of heroin. In whic Alia said 'sit Yaar', why Sonakshi caught up. With this Rishi tweeted, "Coonoor. Am with Alia's film. Have taken in fun. " The fair not only to Aliya but Sonakshi Sinha has also mimicked. Even before Sonakshi's weight has often mimicked. When people began to respond it Rishi Kapoor quickly clarifies said why are you guys take everything so seriously? Hey Aliya and Sonakshi both are like my own children. I just liked it. Bring sense of Humor in you man.